Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What Are Infiniti cells?

    A. Infiniti Cells™ are a simple, safe and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body’s internal repair system.

  • Q. Are they safe?

    A. Safety is an essential and extremely important fact when considering stem cell therapy. Blood banks screen their cells for 8 different pathogens. Infiniti Cells take the screening to the next level by adding an additional 5 pathogens plus bacterial, fungal, and yeast cultures. Our team wants you to be certain that the cells you give yourself, family, and clients are the best of the best.

  • Q.Where do they come from?

    A. Infiniti Cells are sourced from thoroughly screened, human umbilical cords donated from a healthy mother and healthy baby.

  • Q. How long does it take?

    A. Every client gets a dedicated one-on-one consultation to discuss your unique therapy plan. From there, the Infiniti Cell therapy can take between 5-20 minutes depending on your needs. Follow up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your successful results.

  • Q. Are there any side effects?

    A. The majority of our clients see no side effects at all, however clients with a sulfa drug allergy may experience a minor reaction of flu-like symptoms.These symptoms usually last between 24 and 48 hours. Not all clients with this allergy will experience a reaction.